Friday, May 3, 2013

A dose of what matters

As a runner, have you ever:

  • Cut work a little short to go for a run?
  • Slipped in an extra $50 to the family budget to buy GU's?
  • Skipped the kids swim class to go for a run?
  • Obsessed over your training schedule?
  • Reviewed your race logistics over and over and over?
Guilty. As. Charged.

I personally have been going pretty hard with my training and was really looking forward to my schedule this summer/fall. Then it happened.


I didn't become a roofing professional, I came down with shingles. It is a pain I don't wish on anyone.

The point of this post is not about shingles. It's that so often we become obsessed with training. With racing. With stuff related to running that we don't look up to see the rest of the world or really appreciate what others go through to support our crazy obsession.

I'm not a fan of injuries or sickness, nor do I wish that on anyone. But often times we are so consumed with our passion for running that it literally takes something like injury or sickness to slow us down and forces us to step back, refocus and evaluate our priorities with running, life and family (not necessarily in that order of course).

Missing Zane Grey sucked. But being up there and crewing reminded me that supporting your ultra-runner is just as important as preparing and training for the race itself. I was re-invigorated seeing familiar faces, helping out and taking pictures. As a runner, it was a good dose of, "it's just not about me"...

I'll be helping out at the Sinister night run this weekend also...adding some karma to the ultra-running bank.

So don't wait until you get injured or sick to assess your priorities or place in this running world. Get out there and give back to your fellow runners...it's fun, cleansing and good for your mental (running) health.

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