Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly jib jab

Nothing of real significance going on recently...just trying to ramp my training back up after losing 2 weeks to shingles. I really hate that fitness endurance is so easily lost and yet takes so much work to get back.

What else?

I'm testing a new endurance drink called Tailwind Nutrition. They're a mom and  pop shop based out of Colorado (seriously, how often do you get a hand-written thank you note with your order and personalized bags!). I've read several reviews from other runners and it seems to be the real deal. They say you can ditch the gels, chews and other food while using Tailwind...They're so confident however that they'll refund you the cost of your next race if it doesn't meet your expectations. I've only used it on a couple runs between 10 and 17 miles but I have to say, it kept me going over the course of those multi-hour runs with no problems at all. It tastes great and seems to have everything I need.

Of course, a more thorough review is forthcoming in the future weeks.

The biggest thing on my mind these days is the upcoming Hom 100. I created this run to raise money for my buddy Tony who was recently diagnosed with ALS. It's on May 25/26 and I'm still wondering if I have the mojo to make it all 100 miles.

Whether I make it or not is relatively unimportant. What is important is that we're raising over $2,600 (so far)!


If you'd like to donate please click here...there's still time.

I also signed up for the Adrenaline night run on June 8 out in the McDowell Mountains. It should be a good time and a good preview for pacing the Javelin Jundred in October.

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