Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Numb and dumber

This week's mileage has gotten (is getting) somewhat ridiculous. Yet, here I sit in denial of what I'm putting my body through and how well it seems to be responding. If all goes according to plan, I should top 70  miles this week...hell, I've done half of it already.

I should be ecstatic and elated that I've been able to push beyond the meager 25-or-so-miles-per-week I was doing not more than 60 days ago. For whatever reason, I'm fairly numb to it all. I've been trying not to think about the total distance each week because it just makes the runs (and week) seem longer. Next week is an "easy" week so I'm looking forward to dialing it back a bit.

It's weeks like this that really help bring everything back into perspective though. Sure, running 100 miles might sound dumb to most folks. But then again, these are often the people who lack the perspective to comprehend that such a feat is even possible.

I freely admit that when I started my training plan, I couldn't wrap my head around running 100 miles - let alone 100 km. It seemed like a pipe dream. No - a physical impossibility. But that's why you train. You teach the body and the mind that anything can be achieved. Guess what? Over time, it starts to become real.

Disbelief turns to confidence. Fear turns to strength.

"Impossible is not a word, it's only an excuse not to try"

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