Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Juice Cleanse Adventure (Part II)

In this second part of my blog, I wanted to give everyone some unbridled insight to some of the things (1) I knew would happen and (2) some of things I didn't realize out happen as a result of my 3-day juice cleanse.

Some are probably 'like, duh' moments and others will probably be 'hmmm, that's interesting...' moments. Others may just gross you out.

Lastly, I'll talk a bit more about where I'm mentally and physically now that it's been about a week after the detox.

What I Expected

Here's the short list of things I experienced during the 3 days I took the juice cleanse/detox:
  1. Low energy levels (days 1 and 2)
  2. Being grumpy (days 1 and 2)
  3. Being hungry most of the time
  4. Hard time concentrating
  5. High water consumption
  6. Peeing a LOT
  7. Little to no activity/exercising
  8. "How come you're not eating dinner daddy?"

Things I Did Not Expect

Some of these things surprised me given you're barely eating for 3 days. They may surprise you too!
  1. Headaches
  2. A good night's sleep
  3. Actually enjoying the taste of the juices
  4. The big pile of plastic bottles
  5. 2 hours between juices passes quickly
  6. No diarrhea (c'mon, everyone poops!)
  7. I missed chewing
  8. I brushed my teeth every 2-4 hours
  9. Nice not worrying about meal prep each day

After The Detox

As I mentioned in the previous post, it took 2 full days post-detox to feel a normal sense of eating come back to my schedule. I was snacking on fruit, some bars, veggies and salad throughout these days but never really felt like pounding a cheeseburger or preparing a full meal. I tried to kick back some pizza and a beer but (1) I got indigestion really bad and (2) was drunk after a couple sips.

I stayed close to the toilet in the days following the detox too. It's almost like my stomach and colon forgot what they were supposed to do with real food. It has taken a good week to get back on my 'normal' schedule.

My lack-of-caffeine-and-sugar-headaches continued a bit into days 5 and 6 but dissipated early in the day. By the 7th day, I had no more headaches and no more cravings for my morning coffee.

I'm still allowing myself some sugar (e.g., candy) here and there but the funny part is that I'll take 2 pieces and yet only eat 1. It seems I'm more satiated with less (sugar) now after the cleanse.

The same goes for food. Having fewer calories for 3 days definitely tells the body that 'hey, you can survive on less'. The weird part is that it crosses over psychologically and I've honestly been able to eat less and still be satisfied after my meals. You might think my energy levels would be lower too both without caffeine and fewer calories but to the contrary, having lost 10 pounds it seems the tax on my body and mind is less than before I started.

Lunch today. 500 calories...and I was stuffed!

I definitely feel more obligated to eat well and more mindful of what I'm consuming these days. While I've stated before that my primary reason for doing this was simply to feel better, keeping the weight off is also a post-detox motivator...I mean, who wouldn't right?

Closing Thoughts

In general, I think the cleanse did exactly what I wanted - it made me realize that food is fuel and that your body will react according to what you put in it. Treat it poorly and it takes longer for the body to heal. Treat it well and your energy, self-image and weight will be rewarded.

Physically I feel great now that my schedule is back to normal. I had a great run yesterday and my cross-training has never been better.

My food yesterday. Not starving!

I know that some people might look at this as a quick and easy way to lose weight but in reality it requires a lifestyle change. Now, it wasn't a huge stretch for me to get back to this place but I don't want to give anyone the idea that a single detox will change your life. As I said, I had strayed for a while and just needed to get back on course.

There are 1, 2, 3-day and 7-day options if you're just beginning or a seasoned veteran. Whatever you do and where ever you get your juices from, make sure you feel comfortable with the program and sticking with it for the duration. I'd also recommend a program that incorporates nut milks for protein - especially if it's your first time.

I'm not sure a juice cleanse is for everyone either. You should consult your doctor if you're unsure...and don't do it just because I did. You may have a completely different experience and totally hate it. Have your own reasons and incorporate it into your lifestyle change, rather than just a quick fix.

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