Friday, August 7, 2015

The good, the fat and the moderation of beer

In the blogging world, there are very rarely posts that don't involve one of the following:
  • Elaborating on how great we are (i.e., race reports)
  • Bragging that we bought new stuff (i.e., gear reviews)
  • Complaining that something hurts (i.e., you're injured and/or out of shape)
Seeing it's been so long since I've written anything, I figured "What the hell, let's just cover all of them!". Prepare yourself.

Let's start with today - I took my new pair of Hoka ATR's out for a spin this morning. My only thought as the morning sun beat down on my poofy belly (more on that in a bit), was "Why the f*ck haven't I tried these sooner?!" I'm not saying they're the greatest shoe ever but given where I'm at in my recovery (more on that later too), these seem to be the perfect shoe for me right now. Cushion, firm fit and a smooth ride on both the road and canal. Me likey!

The devil comes in many flavors!
Back to the poofy belly...an extra 15 pounds makes Trevor a dull boy! But let's step back a couple months...

Shortly after running the Hom 100 in late May, I decided to take a break from running. Not only was I still dealing with my ankle (read here to catch up) but I developed low-grade plantar fasciitis and/or bursitis in my left foot. Having learned my lesson from the previous injury (as-in, being an ass-hat and ignoring my doctor), I sidelined myself for the better part of 2 whole months. DID YOU HEAR ME?! No running for 2 months! I just picked up some hiking and low mileage about 3 weeks ago. My body hates me right now...

The summer has been filled with vacations, road trips, breweries and a TON of inactivity. The perfect combination if building girth is something you strive for. The problem now obviously is trying to get rid of it. Maybe because it's so hot. Or that I can't sleep in any more. The prospect of all the work required to get rid of these extra pant sizes is really bringing me down.

I keep telling myself that maybe my ankle is acting up or that my foot is hurting...but it's hard to tell yourself anything when you get winded just walking up the stairs.

I'm just out of shape. Plain and simple.

As my friend and running buddy GG tells me..."Suck it up buttercup!"

So here's to new shoes, eliminating my diet of beer (ok, who am I kidding...moderating the beer) and running even when my body hates me. Cheers!

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