Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just don't call me sir

Today I turn 41.

I've always maintained that your age does not define or limit you. You are as young as you feel. My wife might accuse me of acting as young as I feel most of the time (on par with my 7-year old, mind you). But who cares? If you can't laugh and have fun, what's the point?

It's been a great couple weeks of running and getting back into shape. Having a set schedule and a couple like-minded and motivated friends who run with me every Tuesday and Thursday morning has been the one thing keeping me going. We're getting faster and setting new PR's even though it's for fitness and fun...which is really all that matters.

I will admit I'm jealous though. I made a conscious decision to take some time off this year and give back where I could. And I'm really enjoying a pressure-free world where I'm not living by my training schedule. I can miss a run and it's no big deal. That doesn't mean it's easy to watch all my runner friends sign up for dream races or get selected in awesome races across the country. Happy for them and jealous all at the same time.

I'm stoked to help crew by buddy at SD100 in June (his first hundo) and get him that first buckle. It's possible I manifest all my nervous energy into our runs during the week and push a little too hard. He'll thank me for it later (perhaps) :)

Short-term I'm focused on getting through the PF Chang's marathon this Sunday. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a terribly hard run. But when your training hasn't been up to snuff (meaning, longest run = 15 miles), I'm predicting a little hurt.

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