Thursday, May 23, 2013

Which blog is this?

It's the last couple days before the Hom 100 and I've done so many blog posts, write-ups, Facebook shares and comments that they're all starting to blur together.

It's been a amazing week seeing folks rally behind the event, Tony and the general idea of wiping out ALS forever. If you're not subscribed to the 9 million other blogs I have going, here's what you missed:
  1. Fulton Homes came on board as a sponsor for the event
  2. Cadence Running Company donated a massive amount of nutritional products for the event
  3. The ALS Association and Fulton featured the event on their Facebook pages
Oh, and we're raising $37.17 per mile.

Now that the media push is calming down, I have to focus on actually gathering everything we'll need for the run. If I were running this myself, it would be one thing...but at any given time, I'm expecting 2-3 people to be running with me. I have no idea who will be with us at the start or finish either.

I'm really trying not to stress over the details - this is hard for me, the planner. In the end, this event is not for me. It's not for the sponsors.

It's for Tony.
My friend.

I am humbled by those who help and contribute for no other reason than to support Tony and my friendship with him and his family.

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