Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tapering...kinda sorta

I think back to my early running days when everything was by the book. I labored over training schedules. Devoted myself to The Plan and actually took the rest days when prescribed.

Today, I'm lucky if I keep the plan.

For example...this week I should be tapering for the San Tan Scramble 50k on Saturday but nooooo - I went out yesterday and tried to kill myself with a tempo run out on the Dynamite trail. I'll leave out the details about how I almost tossed my cookies and instead tell you that I got some pretty bad cramps in my calves. A result of celebrating my wife's birthday just a little too much this past weekend :)

I should be tapering. But I'm not...I'm taking it easy, but I'm not tapering like I should.

Shame. On. Me.

I guess I'm trying to thwart any ill effects of the business travel I have this week to Seattle. I literally come back Friday night and then have to race Saturday morning. Now granted, the start is only 20 minutes away but still, there is always that element (and risk) of catching someone's bug while on the plane.

I am excited for the race however - the new course is going to be great. Challenging, but still a good time.

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