Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Graffiti Run - Phoenix, AZ

A while back I noticed a LivingSocial deal for this 5k in Phoenix. Normally, I don't pay them much mind but when I clicked through the ad, I came to this colorful and fun site that showed people of all ages being blasted with color. They were dancing and frolicking like it was Woodstock or something...except without the long hair and weed :)

Despite the location (Peoria, about an hour away), I registered the entire family for this 5k run/walk.

Like many other 'races', there was a massive mob to register and go to the bathroom. It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't so chilly that morning. Temps hovered in the low 40's and per the recommendation on the website, many folks were (1) wearing as much white as they could or (2) wearing skimpy white costumes, tutu's or t-shirts.

In case you did look at the website, the basic idea is to walk 5km through these color stations with each station being a different color they throw at you. You intentionally get blasted with handfuls of a safe, non-toxic corn starch-based powder that covers your clothes, hair, face and body. At the end of the race, you look like something that walked out of a Rainbow Bright port-o-potty.

You can imagine the massive crowd of people all dressed in white. It looked like a herd of migrating marshmallows...
Here is what it looks like approaching/passing through the color stations.

The billow of pink in the distance
The kids getting blasted

I can honestly say we have never had so much fun at a run/walk before. I personally dressed up in as much white as I could - hat, sunglasses, some colorful lei's and funky socks.

At first, the kids weren't sure what to make of it but once they caught on...'hey, we're allowed to get dirty'...they were into it 110%.

The event is well done - there is music, lots of color and a couple small water stations. Other than starting a bit late, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Nice photo-bomb Zack
My wife and I post-run

Everyone post-run

P.S. If you do an event like this, be prepared, despite the encouraging words on the website to throw your clothes away after the event. We've washed everything several times and it still looks like a unicorn wiped it's ass with our laundry.

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