Sunday, April 8, 2012

Warming back up

In more ways than one, things are starting to warm back up. Aside from the normal temperature gains this time of the year, I feel pretty good about some recent decisions and changes (improvements) in my health.

First and foremost, I've decided to stop taking my sublingual allergen treatments. It has been pretty clear that they are at the root of my ailments - from the watery eyes to that lethargic feeling of death-warmed-over in the morning - I can't go on feeling that way and still be a productive human being, let alone train for any races.

I mean honestly, what do you expect when you're actually introducing the specific allergens to your body that you know you're allergic to? I've been off these allergens for 2 days and am feeling 1000% times better. So much so that I actually made it up at 5 am on Saturday for my 'long' run of 8 miles.

I'm also heeding advice from others as well.

Sinus rinses twice a day. Probiotics. Active recovery. MultiV supplements.

The other big change I've noticed is from taking OptygenHP by First Endurance. There used to be a time I'd head out for 8-10 mile runs and need a day of rest before covering the same distance 2 days later. Not the case any longer. Not only can I do these distances back-to-back, I feel like I can take on longer runs without needing a lengthy recovery time. I'm pretty much sold on this product but damn, it's expensive.

So while I'm looking forward to getting my runs on this week, I'm also cautiously awaiting my travel next week. I really don't want to be sick again. I'm already several weeks behind in training and another blow could be devastating. We'll see...

Thanks for checking in.

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