Monday, November 14, 2011

Fighting fatigue (and tryptophan)

My wife's family came to visit on Thursday (from South Dakota) and as always, we did our share of eating.

And then we ate some more.

Believe me, I love having a nice meal out on the town, but 2 or 3 restaurant meals in consecutive days will test anyone's waistline. Not to mention our mini-pre-Thanksgiving yesterday...turkey breast with kick-ass sausage & cornbread dressing and crispy smashed potatoes (oh, and the pumpkin pie).

(Turkey + stuffing + carbs*2)*multiple servings = food coma

I did manage to get in a couple runs Thursday and Sunday but it wasn't nearly enough to burn off the calories I consumed during these few days. They were smaller runs too and the effort and self-motivation it continues to take to get out of bed to knock these out is proving to be more work that the actual run itself...which is just messed up.

I am still resolved to run my 50k this weekend. I'll just ease my pain with a huge serving of turkey...that should put me right to sleep :)

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