Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fear mixed with doubt

Coming off sickness is one of the most precarious places to be when training. I've had a week "off" trying to recuperate and regain my strength.

Translation: (1) Sleeping in (2) Eating poorly

While I'm feeling better, I am still filled trepidation knowing that if I push too hard, I'll be right back on my ass gulping NyQuil for a week. Being sick is hard enough but knowing that my next scheduled race (Pass Mountain 50K) is only a few weeks away, I have to be able to ramp my mileage up again to be remotely ready for a 50 km race.

I am slightly worried that I won't have the mojo in the coming weeks to get there. There's even a small bit of doubt that clouds my judgement on whether I should force myself back into training even though I'm probably only at 85% strength.

My motto is, you just have to try. You may fail. And that's OK. Then again, you may succeed. And when you do, that fear mixed with doubt slowly disappears...and is replaced with strength and confidence.

And that, my friends, is a good day indeed.

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