Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The clock is ticking

As I sat down the other night to look at my training calendar leading up to the PF Chang Marathon, it became clear that the amount of time left to get in some meaningful runs is quickly coming to an end. After bonking yesterday during my long run (planned 16, actual 12) I felt compelled to make sure that every run from here on out was a meaningful and quality one.

Today's run was a first - proud of that - but doing my best to keep it in context and remind myself that this is NOT my race pace (yet!). My previous tempo workouts were slightly aggressive but still within my comfort zone (e.g., between 8 and 8:30 min per mile). Speed workouts have been about alternating a faster pace (7:30/7:45) with a slower (8:15/8:30) pace as part of a mid-distance workout (6-10 miles).

Yesterday's run was about trying to keep a 7:30 pace for 6 miles - something I've never tried before. This idea of me being fast has actually caught on recently...I don't think I'll ever be super-fast (e.g., Ryan-Hall-fast) but having come from a 9:45-9:30 average a year ago, I definitely like the idea of knocking that down to a 8 or 8:15 pace. Being able to claim a 3:30-3:45 marathon time compared to a 4:15 or longer does have a certain appeal to it. After all, the goal for PF Chang's is to be under 4 hours...something I'm very confident I'll be able accomplish.

In the days to come - new product reviews!!

After 500+ miles in my Newton racers, they literally blew out. I'll introduce you to my new pair of shoes, my new CEP compression running socks and the latest flavor of Roctane (Island Nectars).

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