Saturday, November 13, 2010

Race planning

This past week has been fairly uneventful from a training perspective. Everyone has said that the aches and pains would creep in but I've yet to have anything impact my overall sense of well-being. I've spent more time just planning this week. I feel for those folks that have to travel to Arizona for the race. I've traveled to various venues for some Ironman 70.3 races and often times that process is more stressful and time-consuming than the race itself! More about planning in a bit - here is a summary of the week.

Monday: Full day of rest after last brick workout.
Tuesday: (Morning) 8-mile run, (Evening) 1.5 mi swim (0.5 mi in wet suit)
Wednesday: (Morning) 2 mi swim
Thursday: 13.1 mi run
Friday: 2.5 mi swim (1.0 mi in wet suit)
Sunday: (11/14): Long bike ride (60-80 miles??)

This coming week will see a steady decline of activity until completely shutting things down on Thursday. I have a massage that afternoon that I've been looking forward to for a very long time.

So more about planning...it's easy to be consumed by all the planning that goes into a triathlon. Planning all the gear, equipment and nutrition by itself can be daunting until you realize that the schedule for checking in, attending the mandatory athlete meeting, practice swim and transition check-in is equally as crazy...I literally had to create a 4-day calendar that is laid out hourly to account for all the things, places and events going on BEFORE the race itself.

Sitting down to plan has been a good opportunity to and reflect on my actual race plan, pacing and re-enforcing my race goals. If you haven't read Joe Friel's book "Going Long", I definitely recommend getting it if nothing more than a reference book for triathlon fundamentals. The chapters on mental preparation and goal-setting are particularly honest and can apply to anyone.

I will probably have one more post this coming week as I prepare for the big dance. Final thoughts before treading water in Tempe Town Lake on Sunday morning @ 7 am, just waiting for that cannon to boom.

Thanks for reading.

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