Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All's well in South Dakota

Things have been looking good as we've made our transition from the desert heat to the lush green hills of western South Dakota. Part work and part vacation, I was very worried that training and nutrition would take a header as I adjusted to not only the altitude but the reality of being in a new home, bed and routine.

I'm happy to report nothing but good news so far - my bike arrived (unscathed I believe), we've been eating well (and right) for lunches and dinners and I've been able to mix up my training with some trail running and elevation ta boot (man, that's fun).

I managed to get in an hour swim this morning - don't ask me how far I swam because I couldn't tell you...I haven't been sleeping well and have some tightness in my neck and shoulders. I wasn't feeling great when I got into the pool so I wasn't really interested in any sort of distance. So I just swam. Took breaks when I was tired or winded and then kept going. I felt better afterwards, so that's good. I just hope this musical beds doesn't cause any additional issues.

Going to get the bike assembled today and then take it in for a tune up in the hopes of going for a ride Friday or Saturday.

My secondary concern is all the rain - it's mostly at night but it does put a damper on things. Rain, rain go away...

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