Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Putting yourself out there

Yesterday I was able to integrate this blog to my Facebook account - technology rocks. What I didn't realize is that it imported all my previous posts...which is probably overwhelming and irrelevant without the proper context.

So allow me to explain.

I am doing the Ironman Arizona in November 2010. November 21, to be exact. 211 days to be extremely precise.

Some might think me pompous or big-headed posting something like this to the world. For those of you who know me however, that's not how I roll. I find that putting a goal like this out into the world makes me accountable to more than just myself. It's motivating and encouraging to both myself and hopefully others.

Training to date has been slow due to plantar faciitis in my feet. After countless cortisone injections, fly-by-night healing creams and podiatrist appointments I have finally been receiving the holistic rehab (chiropractic, massage and PT) that has allowed me to turn the tide on this injury.

Up until this point, I haven't really felt like announcing to the world, "Hey look at me - I'm training for an Ironman" Because honestly, the last 9 months really haven't been what I could consider training - they've been "I'll-try-to-go-to-the-gym-and-work-out-but-regret-it-because-my-feet-hurt". It weighs on your attitude, your perception and general desire to keep going.

Today I'm in a place that feels good. Granted, I'm still taking it "easy" (e.g., no running) but to give you some flavor of what my schedule looks like:

  • AM: Off
  • PM swim (3x100 warm up, 10x100m sprints, 3x100 cool down)
  • AM cycling (20 miles @ 20 mph)
  • PM weights (circuit training)
  • AM swim (3x100 warm up, 1000m tempo, 3x100 cool down)
  • PM x-training (1 hr mixed cardio + .5 hr light weights)
So now you're caught up. I hope you continue to follow me through this journey.

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