Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 running wrap-up

I have been and always will be a nerd so not showing the numbers from 2016 would be a crime.

I can honestly say that I'm super-happy with the way things went this year. I was able to get in a number of great races, remain injury-free and have some great experiences in the meantime.

In the clouds of Montblanc near Chamonix

My races for the year included:

In hindsight, the best thing about running in 2016 had nothing to do with my personal accomplishments as a runner but as a coach, mentor and leader of the trail running community here in the East Valley.

I have come to enjoy the social element of running much more than the actual pursuit of buckles or medals. There is a part of me that wants to continue and train and be fit but the part that's taken over this year was finding ways to bring people together - whether it's for trail work, group runs or Christmas parties. I'm extremely proud of what I've helped others accomplish this year.

May 2016 crew cleaning up San Tan
I'm not sure what 2017 holds for races - the calendar is largely blank. I would like to pursue my coaching certificate and help others achieve their running goals for the year.

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 awesomeness!

I hope the San Tan Trail Runners group continues to grow. I hope new friendships emerge. I hope others are inspired to set new goals for themselves in the coming year.

Happy 2016 to you all.

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  1. It takes an incredibly humble person to take time from their own personal time (family, training, etc) and dedicate that time to improving others and the running community as a whole. From experience you handle this with grace, compassion, and a whole lot of patience. I can honestly say the running community is better with all your support and dedication and I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings