Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Staying busy, having fun

Now that we've established I won't be doing many races in 2014, both my body and my mind have been coming to grips with what that looks like. Even though my waistline is a little fuller now (I can't blame the holidays either), I am actually doing a pretty good job of eating well and managing my portions. It's a sure bet I'll partake in some cookies, pie and/or chocolate but the good news is that I'm not stuffing my face like I used to during race season.

Mentally, the transition from race training to running-for-fitness is taking a bit more time to adjust to. Having a race (actually, paying for a race) has always been my motivator but now with nothing on the horizon, motivation has to come from other sources.

Source #1 - Having fun with my kids
Hadley and Carvor coveting their new Aravaipa pints.
Thanks to Aravaipa Running, I was able to take the family up to the McDowell Mountains so they could participate in the Youth Run a couple weeks ago. I was able to volunteer at the Gate aid station for a short time before the youth run started. Holy hell was it cold out! It hadn't warmed up much for the youth run so we were all bundled up in pants and jackets for the start.

They had a great time on the 1.6 mile loop. It's the first time they've ever been in a race environment so it was a proud-poppa moment to be able to share the trails with them and have fun while doing it.

Source #2 - Group runs
I have an informal running group on Facebook for folks who live in the East Valley. It's been a pretty loose commitment on my side just because...well, because I've been lazy. I've kicked this up a notch lately because it give me a schedule and a little more public accountability knowing there are others who are going to join me. Basically no more excuses.

Even cooler, I just got asked to lead a new trail running series for Cadence Running Company on Saturdays starting December 21. I'm not only excited to work with Dan and Mary at Cadence but getting out to the park, meeting new people or introducing folks to trail running helps fulfill my passions on a number of levels. I hope you can join us.

Source #3 - Informal 'coaching'
I'm always humbled when people approach me asking for help reaching their running goals. I know I don't have all the answers but I think I know enough to help folks achieve their marathon or half-marathon goals. At this moment, I'm working with several friends who are running their first 1/2 marathons to ensure they're sticking to the training plan, that they have the right equipment and feel confident with their race strategies.

Bottom line is that their success is my success and I love seeing them reach milestones they never thought possible. Remember the first time you ran a 10k or a half-marathon? The elation, freedom and confidence takes over and begins to percolate to other parts of your life...I love watching others transform because of their success.

I'm not sure you'll see another post from me for a while so here's to a fantastic and memorable 2013.

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