Monday, October 28, 2013

The fire is still alive

Post-MOG100. Even Hobbit feet look better than this.
A month has passed since epic sh*t went down at the Mogollon Monster 100 and my body is still reminding me that as an ultra-runner, the path to healing is never an easy one. For example:

  1. The foot-pads on both feet are blistering and coming off. They are the size of Texas.
  2. My ankle is still tender from where my shoes push and rub.
  3. My lower back flares up after a run of any significant distance.
  4. We are grieving the loss of one toenail.
Yet, despite all these issues, I went out to the Javelina Jundred race this weekend to do some pacing with old and new friends. I was ready to have some fun and log some miles despite all the issues and pain it might require.

In Ragnar-style, I ran 15 miles Saturday evening with Greg and was prepared to run 25 more early Sunday AM after getting 3-4 hours of sleep in my car. Not ideal but entirely possible.

Turns out, the additional miles were not necessary but I was already fired up from all the runners, finishers and their stories of tragedy and triumph. It seeps in and is nearly impossible not to get jacked up on the energy and idea of actually running the race yourself.

I know I committed to take some time off. My beer and crappy food intake over the last 3 weeks have been more than enough validation of that endeavor. But it's getting harder and harder to ignore that fire in the belly and wondering, is that indigestion or another 100-miler begging for my attention? Maybe some of both but I do know I'm going to need a race to train for soon.

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