Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mr. T's Wild Ride

It doesn't seem like two weeks have passed since I ran 100 miles to raise money for my friend Tony and the ALS Association of Arizona (see the Hom100 website). I don't have an exact total on the amount we raised but it's in the neighborhood of $6,500. Awesomeness, for sure.

I was running out at the San Tan park the other morning and a lady passed me by and said, "Hey great job on that 100 miles for your friend!" I swelled with pride knowing that the right message was out there and just one more person was educated about the devastation of ALS.

It's safe to say that I'm recovered. I'm pretty sure it was the time I spent by the pool and all the beer I consumed over the long weekend that sped the 'healing' process :) I felt fine over the course of the following week but it was my feet that were really the issue. Turns out I had several blisters in strange places that have taken a while to fully crustify.

My legs have felt really strong and my confidence is high but over the next 2 weeks is when it really starts to get interesting...

I'll be running the Adrenaline 65k on Saturday and continuing to build up to at least 80-90 mile weeks until we leave for South Dakota on June 21. The triple-digit heat here in AZ is making it tough to get those morning runs done. Hydration and motivation are keys to staying strong in this heat.

I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna be tough.

The Black Hills 100 is no walk in the park. 16,000+ of climbing is going to leave my quads gelatinous and my hamstrings rubber...and the weather. Well, who knows. It's always a toss up on whether it's going to be blistering hot or down-right chilly. The past several years have been hot (which favors me) but I'm not counting on any advantages for this distance.
Black Hills 100 elevation profile
I have ruled out any possibility of a sub-24 on this course. Hell, the previous winners come in at about 20 hours and I know I'm clearly off that pace by 30-40%.

Finishing under 30 hours will be just fine.

Finishing, will be just fine :)

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