Thursday, April 25, 2013

What is 50 miles worth?

This has been one of the tumultuous weeks ever for me and here's the kicker...I haven't run once. Not a single mile. Zero.

After returning from Vegas last Friday, I was able to get in a meager run (10 miles) out on the trails. It wasn't until Monday that I really noticed a strange sensation creeping up the right side of my groin and wrapping around my waist at the top of my bum. It was more annoying than anything - like pins and needles creating a strange sensitivity to the touch.

That evening, Carvor and I went for a short run at Cadence Running Company to honor those folks in Boston who were struck by the awful tragedy several weeks ago. During that run, the annoyance was tolerable but still noticeable.

Over the next couple days, I committed to stretch it, push it, roll it, smash it, chiropractic-it, Rolf it, ice it and heat it...all with no change in the symptoms. It's possible I aggravated my hip flexor more than it was to begin with (if that actually is the problem).

Clearly, I switched to present tense because here we are on the eve of the Zane Grey 50 and I am still debating whether to start this race given my current condition. I meet with my doctor in the morning to determine whether or not the issue is medically dire or not.

Even if it is not, I have a decision to make. Do I toe the line of the hardest 50-mile race in the country with an impediment/injury and push my way through it or do I swallow my pride, DNS and get healthy for much larger goals?

Even as I write it out, the direction seems obvious. But to just wipe away months of training, countless hours on the trails and the sacrifices of everyone around me seems like a waste.

How much is 50 miles worth? I don't know the answer to that yet. I'm going to sleep on it and let you know tomorrow.

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