Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March stats

I figured I'd start off with a couple photos Aravaipa Running took at the Mesquite 50.

Race start

Mesquite aid station (4.2 miles)

Running with NateS

Daylight finish

Eyeballing my time...

It's been a great month for training and things are moving along nicely towards my A-races this year. I have a new found sense of speed and endurance that I have not felt in a long time. It could the post-race benefits a week after the Mesquite 50 but I'd like to think that they are the result of all the hours I'm putting in.

I would say that one of the main differences in my training schedule this year is that I have to make the most of my time. Allow me to explain...

Last year, I was free to run every morning between 4 and 8 am. In hindsight, I took that convenience for granted. There were plenty of mornings I would sleep in and blow off a run just because I could.

This year, I get Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. That's it (at least during the week). My wife's schedule has changed and I absolutely have to make the most use of those two days...it has forced me to have a clear discipline and focus - which is great.

So here they are - stats for March (and a little glimpse back to January and February too!)

March Statistics

Being the nerd I am, I also wanted to see how things were going against the last couple months.

A nice increase between February and March

A jump in March thanks to the Mesquite 50
Happy running!

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