Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feeling the heat

In more ways than one, the heat is bearing down.

4 Weeks to Go
The last couple months have flown by and I'm really wondering how ready I'm going to be for the Leanhorse 100. While I've gotten in some consistent mileage over the last 6-8 weeks, my long runs have suffered tremendously while being on vacation, travelling and eating poorly.

In all honesty, I'm trying very hard to keep my body together and not wreck myself (or get sick) before heading to South Dakota. I have some aches and pains that I'm working through and slowly figuring out.

The Arizona Sun
I feel like I squandered many mid-60-degree mornings back in North Dakota now that I'm forced to deal with the blazing Arizona heat. After a bumpy week of re-acclimation to the heat and a very different hydration mindset, my body is starting to make sense of it all. 85F runs are starting to feel cool now...NOT!

Making it Work
When I look at the mileage I have to cover in the next couple weeks and the daunting challenge of covering that distance outside in the heat, I'm forced to consider other options...options I have loathed in the past.

Meet my new friend.
Sole F80
Something tells me we're going to get to know each other over the next 4 weeks...

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