Friday, April 27, 2012

What my dreams are made of

Do you ever get so engrossed in something that it starts to take over your sub-consciousness? Does it worm its way into your dreams at night?

I can always tell that I'm deep in training and/or planning when I start to have dreams (nightmares) related to things I might forget for a race. Like last night - I dreamed that somehow I had gotten to the Leanhorse 100 race start and completely forgotten all of my gear (no, I wasn't standing there naked).

Being naked would have been less embarrassing.

I find it interesting that my greatest fear is not the race or distance itself, but being unprepared or forgetting something crucial that will help me meet my goal.

So let the planning begin...

Crew vehicles.
Pacing information.

Hopefully my subconscious will thank me.

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