Monday, April 23, 2012

Envelope = pushed

Most endurance athletes will tell you that there is something self-sustaining and gratifying about reaching a goal that you've never achieved before. Often times the fruits of your labor are not really evident the next day...or even the next week for that matter. Over time the small successes allow you to sit back and revel in the moment when something really exciting happens.

(Dude, what are you talking about?)

Last week I broke 50 miles. Yes, running.

I ran 52.4 miles from Monday to Sunday (3 days of business travel mixed in there too).

Even during my peak weeks prior to last years Black Hills 100 (50 mile) race, only once did I exceed 50 miles in a week. And then I proceeded to get sick.

I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life...and we're still nearly 4 months away from the Leanhorse 100!

I'm not only running faster (generally) but I'm also doing more miles and recovering well enough to have the stamina for back-to-back runs throughout the week.

I hope your run(s) this weekend were great. Thanks for checking in.

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  1. That is a good week of training, good job. Back when I was focusing just on marathons I used to put up 45 - 55 miles of running a week and it was so cool to look at the amount of mileage I would post in a month/year. Keep up the good work!