Friday, March 23, 2012

Too much, too soon? (Superman syndrome)

In classic Superman style, I've been pushing myself pretty hard this week endeavoring not only to make up mileage from last week but really get a rhythm going leading into the new month.

The prescribed mileage this week was 42 miles. Naturally, I bumped this up to 54 thinking it would be no problem.

  • Monday, good.
  • Tuesday, fine (legs a little sore)
  • Wednesday, slight tickle in my throat.
  • Thursday, sustained IV-drip of Emergen-C, in bed by 9
  • Friday...throat is questionable, feeling 80% and tired

I would just love not to be sick right now.

I have to travel for work next week and it never fails - either I'm sick before I leave or I get sick in the process. In either case, it makes for a sh*tty week and lost days of training.

I'm probably going to take today off in the hopes I can re-cooperate enough to do my long run on Saturday.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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