Thursday, March 15, 2012

Something epic (or, Stupid is as stupid does)

This is the first week of my training for the Leanhorse 100.

Yes. I plan to run 100 miles. (Well, cover 100 miles.)

To advertise that I'll be running the entire distance is probably a fallacy :)

As personal goals go, this is the big one. And in my mind, that distance is still hard to grasp. I know the level of training I've been doing to prepare for 50k's and the schedule, distances and endurance required for 100 miles still seems like a long way off (24 weeks to be exact).

While it gives me comfort to know that many others have attempted and conquered this distance, I personally know that as the weeks get harder, I'm going to struggle to find a schedule and plan that works for my family and I.

You might think that training that much and running that far would be the hardest part. The truth (for me) is that making the time for kid things, family time, business travel and anything else recreational is actually the hardest thing to account for.

I hope you stick around to share this journey with me...it's going to be awesome.

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