Friday, February 3, 2012

Yeah, I'm tapering...

I'd love to say that I've been tapering the last couple weeks since the Coldwater Rumble...but that would be a big fat lie. Weeks of 7 miles and 11 respectively since January 21 barely even count for working out.

For whatever reason, my heart just hasn't been in it for a while. I've been doing enough to get by and that's about it.

I guess now I know that signing up for the trail series isn't as productive or motivating as I thought it would be. In my head, it seemed perfect:

  1. Lots of races at DRT cheap (sorry, bad pun at the expense of Aravaipa there)...
  2. Consistent races schedule would instill a solid training regiment
  3. 50K's would keep my base endurance solid through early spring
  4. Perfect way to see all the metro-Phoenix parks

Aside from #2 (probably the most important), I've really enjoyed the ultra series and will likely sign up for several of them again next year...but probably not the entire ultra series.

I think I'm a long-term-goal-kind-of-guy. Each milestone in my endurance life I've planned out in the future upwards of 6-9 months and worked patiently to that goal. The DRT Ultra series has made me realize that having multiple goals that recur monthly, is not how I'm built. If I was truly passionate about improving my times or crushing my PR's, that might give me a renewed sense of purpose...but again, I'm not built that way.

I race to finish.

Yes, in the back of my mind, I never want to be last but if I am, oh well.

Tapering or not, Ill be heading to the home course this weekend to tackle the San Tan Scramble 50K. Hard to believe it was only a year ago on this very same course that I added the title of 'ultra-marathoner' to my resume.

See you out there.

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