Monday, February 27, 2012

Hip flexor perplexor

I am still being aggravated by my right hip flexor. Either I'm just not getting enough strength training or it's actually hurt...my bet is it's the former. I'm running on flat land most of the time and really not putting my hips, glutes and upper quads through their paces like I am when running actual elevation on the trails. Aside from that, I sit on my ass all day working. Not the best position for core and hip flexors.

The problem is that when I am out on the hills, my hip flexor is really acting up and making steep inclines a huge pain in the butt. As if the climb isn't bad enough, dealing with pain in your hip flexor makes you doubt your ability to really go the longer distances.

The good news is that I feel like I've been pushing myself with each run. Though the distances have been impacted by my hip, my pace has improved and I'm mentally conquering many of the long climbs I couldn't before. I feel that my endurance and legs are doing fine - it's just that darn hip flexor. Once it goes, my entire cadence and form go to hell.

Mesquite Canyon 50k elevation profile
I've incorporated a number of strength exercises into my stretching routine at night in hopes that every bit helps. I also think I'm going to start riding my bike again (post-Mesquite 50k). In the meantime, I'm getting psyched for the last ultra race in the Araivapa DRT series - Mesquite Canyon. Everyone says it's the toughest course of them all and I believe them. It will be a challenge for sure even without some of my current issues.

I just need to complete my set of Araivapa beer pints :)

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