Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dialing it in

Since my reality check a couple weeks ago at the SanTan Scramble, I've come to realize the humility of the situation and resolved to go after the Mesquite Canyon 50k with inspired vigor. There is nothing quite like a DNF to get you motivated.

So while the running has been going well, there are several other things I feel pretty good about.

I've always felt my ideal 'fighting' weight was down near 160. Since Ironman Arizona (2010), I've managed to hover around the 170-175 mark...which is not ideal, but comfortable. Over the last week, I've been tracking my calories and trying to keep myself at 2,000 a day. First, it's been an eye-opener when it comes to serving sizes and portion control. Second, my mindset has changed from eating everything (justified by running a lot), to eating only what I need.

I've long struggled with ear/sinus infections that always seem to coincide with the peak of my training. Consultations with my ENT seem to indicate that allergies (and a slightly deviated septum) may be causing a constriction in my sinuses and an imbalance in my Eustachian tubes. Rather than jump straight to a surgical procedure, I've gone through allergy testing and discovered that I'm very allergic to several Arizona grasses and desert sage. I start taking oral allergy drops today to build up my resistance to these irritants. We'll see how that goes.

Family Time
I've been able to cut back a day or two in my training schedule and not be gone so much. Not only has it brought down my anxiety (and guilt) but I also think it's better on the body. Along with being (re)motivated to attack Mesquite Canyon, I've been focused on approaching every run with a purpose (and goal). Running the same trail at the same pace every other day was/is part of my funk. By mixing it up, focusing on the goal of the run, I actually get more out of it and enjoy the experience more. Being focused has really helped me get out of bed in the morning, get my run done and have more quality time with the wife and kids.

So, here's to a better month of training. I'm really looking forward to closing out the Aravaipa Ultra Series with Mesquite Canyon and securing my final DRT beer pint :)

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  1. All smart moves. Make your workouts count, but make the family time really count. When it comes to weight, no point in carrying any extra over a 5k let along a 50k. You are doing the right things.