Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product Review: Mizuno Wave Musha 3

My most recent comment about running fashion went something like this...

"Have you noticed how the colors of running shoes have almost purposefully become more gaudy? And more and more people are wearing them?"

True. And guilty.

While there are more obnoxious colored shoes out there, the Mizuno Musha 3 is headed in the right direction with its blood red base and lime green logo. To be honest, it's the one thing that caught my attention while browsing shoes last month.

I was looking for a shoe that was simple and light in construction. I was trying to stay away from the mainstream running shoes with a bunch of padding in the heel and a significant drop from the heel to the toe box. I really wanted a shoe that had the feel of my Newtons, without the lugs on the bottom.

Mizuno's performance chart
Mizuno's chart-o-performance categorizes the Musha as a high-performing shoe with a balanced level of support (hey, someone's got to keep their marketing job secure!). For me, it translates into a shoe that is snug-fitting enough and hugs my foot in all the right places.

A few cautions:

  1. If you're a heel-striker, these shoes are not for you. There is zero cushion in the heel and only bad things would result if you ran a marathon while heel-striking in these shoes.
  2. If you pronate one way or the other, these shoes are likely not for you. There is little to no support around the ankle and you would eventually do damage to your ankles.

As a performance shoe, they really do give you a good feel of the road. Because there is less padding between you and the road, you're able to feel every step and every wrinkle in the road. They are snug around the heel but give just enough room in the toebox - yet, not so much as to let your foot slip-and-slide around recklessly.

My overall review?

An excellent shoe for mid-strikers who are looking for a light, high-performing and simple shoe. I have run 3 times in these (the 3rd being PF Chang's Marathon last Sunday) and had zero issues.

Be wary of price - I bought these at Dick's for at $75. Other places online are carrying them for about $50 (whereas the Mizuno site retails for $85). I'm glad I found these and will continue to enjoy them for road running...

Thanks for reading.

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