Sunday, January 22, 2012

Coldwater Rumble 50k Race Report

I love running.
I love meeting new friends.
I love pushing my limits.

But I am well aware of the time it takes away from my family. And yesterday, it weighed heavy on my mind before this race even began.

This made two weekends in a row that I had been gone racing and a powerful wave of guilt wash over me during the first 5 miles of this race. I had already talked myself into dropping out when I closed the first loop around the course. Aside from my anxiety and guilt, I was also having equipment issues - almost as if I had tried to subconsciously sabotage the race before it even began.

I sent a message to wife that I would be dropping out and would probably be home early. She returned back with an 'I love you' and that she and the kids were proud of me. She also mentioned that if I didn't finish, I would probably come to regret it later. She knows me all too well...

Besides, she said I have to finish to ensure we have a complete set of 4 Aravaipa beer pints! LOL :)

One of the many reasons I love my wife.

Her reassurance and words of encourage removed my trepidation and I resolved to finish what I started. 

With my guilt removed, I now had to deal with my equipment issues.
  1. I chose the wrong (new) shoes...
  2. My tights were rubbing me the wrong way
I knew that if I could make it back to the Start/Finish, I could change clothes (at least I had the foresight to bring backup shoes and shorts).


New shoes, socks and shorts breathed new life into my body and psyche...bring it on inner loop.

(By the way, it was an amazing day to run yesterday. Overcast and 65 - neither too hot or too cool.)

The remainder of the race was fairly uneventful. There was quite a bit of spacing between myself and the rest of the folks holding down the back of the pack - enough that I only saw one other person the last couple hours. I was definitely tired but managed to keeping moving through the rolling hills and walking up the steeper hills. (Those darn Coury brothers always seem to put a hill at the end of every race).

I finished in 7:34  - which is not my best showing but considering my mental and equipment issues, I'm fine with just getting across the finish line.

Now, it's time to put energy into training for race # 5 - San Tan Scramble. My home course and the location of my first ever 50k. Looking forward to having a complete set of beer pints.

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