Wednesday, January 4, 2012

100 miles, cookies and zombies

Well the holidays are over and now that family is gone and the Christmas decorations are down, it's time to rid the house of all the cookies, chocolate and refined sugar we've been ingesting without pause.

We call it 'The Purge'.

Far from an apocalyptic event that involves zombies or flesh-eating viruses but a key milestone of the new year that vanquishes gluttony and greed.

In the meantime, I've been making my peace with (1) the little bit of weight I gained over the holidays (2) my lack of mileage while family visits and (3) the head cold I came down with right before the new year. All of the above have put a damper on things and left me questioning my status for the couple races I have in the weeks to come.

The PF Chang Marathon is January 15 (what a great way to spend your birthday!) and then the Coldwater 50k is the following Saturday (1/21).

Oh, and I have to travel to Redmond between 1/9 and 1/11.

I could probably be pig-headed and muscle through these races but I'm not sure I'd enjoy them as much. It's the principle of 'wasting' those registration fees ya know?

Oh, and by the way I signed up to run the Leanhorse 100 in August of 2012. Yes Virginia, I signed up to run 100 miles...I'm excited that I signed up like I said I would but this head cold makes me really wonder if I've got the stamina and health to see it through. I'd hate to train for 9 months just to get sick before the race. Guess we're going to find out.

Thanks for reading the randomness today.

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  1. YES! Let me know if I can help be a pacer for this run! Very exciting!