Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pills and Pixi Stix

I could tell on Sunday when I woke up that something wasn't quite right with my throat. I was more tired than usual, had a slight scratch and that 'aloof' feeling in my head and ears that usually signals some sort of illness approaching. It's like those old guys sitting on the porch grabbing their knees..."There's a storm a'comin!"

I went for a run anyway. I figured, if I was getting sick the run really couldn't make it any worse...so what the hell.

Sure enough, I fought back a sore throat yesterday - drinking tea until it was coming from my pores, popping vitamin C tablets and eating Airborne and EmergenC packets like Pixi Stix.

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better. My throat feels good and the head is not hazy. Which is a good thing because the McDowell Mountain 50K is this weekend. Here's a preview of the upcoming course thanks to Aravaipa Running.

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