Thursday, December 22, 2011

The fashionable fair-weather freak

I am having *the* most difficult time running in the morning these days. I couldn't tell you why either. It's not like it's snowing and unseasonably cold or anything...low 40's in the morning really isn't that bad.

Plain and simple - Arizona has made me a wimp. 65 degrees (F) and sunny is chilly to me.

Perhaps it's because I really don't like wearing multiple layers or pants to go run. I'm borderline on the clothing as it is today - long-sleeved shirt, cycling top with additional pull-on arm warmers, ear warmers, gloves, compression socks (simply to cover more surface area on my legs), longer-inseam shorts and my Camelbak (only just to keep the heat on my back).

I'm reminiscent of when I was 5 and my mom wrapped me in 14 layers before going out to play in the snow.

Except I'm a grown man.
Wearing shorts.
With gloves. And a red blinker.

If running were a fashion show, I'd be "out".

The good news (fashionable or not), I've still been getting my runs in during the late afternoon.

So when you see a hot-mess running down the road - gloves and all - you'll know exactly who I am :)

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