Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mileage and sugary-goodness

He's a post to keep my meager group of follows satiated with an update of sorts. There isn't much going on lately. Just running off Thanksgiving still. While the word 'diet' really isn't in my vocabulary, you might say I'm attempting to be on one this week by just watching what I eat.

This means not plunging my face into the bowl of home-made whip cream or eating 3 chocolate-peanut butter cookies after dinner. Damn you sugary-goodness.

I'm working on my mileage this week - actually, consecutive miles. I'm trying to run more consecutive days in a row to ensure I'm building both mileage and endurance. 8 miles on Monday followed by 10 miles on Tuesday. 13 miles on Thursday followed by 15 miles on Friday. This will certainly test your resolve but also your commitment to pain.

While I did fine at Pass Mountain a couple weeks ago, I'd really like to finish far better than 8 hours at McDowell Mountain on December 10th.

Thanks for checking in!

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