Thursday, January 20, 2011

The beat down

In traditional form, several days after my race, my body's defense system has been trashed and allowed 'the nasties' to invade and lay a beat down on me.

Though I'm not laying in my bed in the fetal position, I sure feel like I could resort to that at any minute. Fatigue mixed with sore muscles and an overall sense of punishment has given me some sort of head cold that's bee super-sized with sinus pressure. It's enough to make me go "blaaaah" but not quite wretched enough to keep from going about my normal business. DayQuil to the rescue I guess.

I haven't run since Sunday - (a) too sore and (b) convincing myself that I'm protecting my body from any further illness. Likely (c),  I'm just a wimp.

I have plans to go out with my buddy Andy this weekend to check out the Goldmine trail around the SanTan mountain. Home to the SanTan Scramble, I'll be making my ultramarathon (50K) debut on February 5. Hopefully there is not too much elevation to deal with. I'm pretty sure I can get through 31 miles with the right pacing and nutrition.

That's if I'm feeling better.

Here are some personal pictures from the PF Chang Marathon on January 16, 2011. ASI Photos can be found here (and if you watch the video carefully, you'll see 'older-man-in-pink-shoes' cross just after me). Enjoy.

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