Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feeling good, feeling fast

Yes, it's the time of year where cookies, candy and anything made with butter tastes better than a grilled chicken breast and veggies. I have not been immune to the subversive beckoning of these evil goodies over the holiday season but I have managed to keep a fairly good running schedule as I prepare for the PF Chang Rock n Roll Marathon on January 16th.

I also feel very fortunate to be in good health still. Many of you I follow have been plagued with post-IMAZ injuries. I wish I could help each and every one of you get past your hurdles...I hope you take the time to recovery instead of trying to push past it.

Anyway, on to the blog.

Running is going well. I just hope there is enough time left to meet my goal at the PF Chang's marathon. I have been focused on increasing my distance while keeping a target pace (8:00 minutes/mile) in order to achieve a 3:30 marathon time.

My long run last Friday was actually a PR - I'm not jumping up and down (yet). Just trying to keep it in perspective. There is a long way to go after 13.1 to try and keep that pace. I hope I can build up to maintain that pace for the entire 26.2...

Today's run was pretty aggressive. In part, I was running away from the sugary snacks and prime rib left in the fridge but at the same time, really trying to see how far I can push myself. In all, it felt great and I continue to show impressive times (compared to last year).

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