Friday, November 19, 2010

Final thoughts

This will likely be my last blog before race day. I've run out of things to say at this point. I checked in yesterday (Thursday) to avoid the rush of Friday and Saturday but then realized that I'd be sporting the bracelet around all weekend. It makes a great conversational piece around folks you don't know, however.

I have been staying somewhat active just to keep things loose. Small swims, small runs and stretching paired with a massage yesterday have definitely done the body good.

I will say however, I have 2 things ailing me right now - they've crept up over the last week and for now, I'm just going to ignore them.

  1. Left shoulder/lat knot: Just tense and tight. I personally think it's caused by stress and anticipation.
  2. Right quad tingles: It feels tight like I haven't stretched it - ever.
I'm not going to say these will hinder the race but I will definitely be keeping an eye on them in the next day or so. I've heard that the taper can cause these types of things to creep up as the body 'settles' and heals.

I am taking these final days to just relax and mentally prepare for the adventure to come. There won't be any Hallmark after-school Special, but I'm still very proud of where I've come from to get here. To all those who have encouraged, supported or talked me into doing my first triathlon (you know who you are), thank you.

You can follow my progress Sunday on www.ironman.com - look for bib 780.

When we talk again, I will be an Ironman.


  1. Trevor,
    Be strong. When your attitude changes during the race, eat and drink. Have fun man, you are going to do great! We will be following back here in Oregon :)