Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Perils of Travel

I actually enjoy travelling (for work). Being a remote employee in Arizona, I like the idea of heading to the Northwest part of the country for some cooler weather and moisture. There is something calming and tranquil about Seattle when it's grey and cloudy - so long as it doesn't stay that way for 90+ days.

My team is based out of Redmond and I love having the chance to go up and see, interact and hang out with them (they keep me young!). The only part I don't enjoy is getting sick.

It never fails - travel, get sick. Get on a plane, get sick. This time was no different.

Our fiscal year ended last Friday and our sales team gathers once a year to not only celebrate the fruits of our labors but to also outline the focus and themes of the coming year. I flew into Seattle on Monday feeling pretty good. Coming off what could only be described as a 'slack' training weekend, I was fully prepared to get in a few runs and swim sessions at the hotel.

Tuesday morning, my buddies Erik, Steve and I went out for a run in downtown Bellevue. It was nice and cool (about 50) and full of hills. The run felt great and I was pumped up for the day.

That evening however, things began to fall apart - headaches, chills and sinus pressure. All these things are very familiar and it doesn't take long to recognize the symptoms.

I am still recovering and feel about 50% - training has been put on hold for a bit as I make my recovery and try to push through the last couple weeks before tapering.

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  1. Hope that you get better soon. IMAZ is less than six weeks away....holy crap, that is sooner than I thought. Keep working hard!