Thursday, October 7, 2010


After 2 weeks of trying to figure out what he heck is going on with my knee, it dawned on me this morning as I embarked on my long run (13 miles) that symptomatically, pain is not necessarily the location of the 'problem'. The body is funny that way - such a complex machine of muscles that extend and contract, it is no wonder the inside of both knees were hurting.

All the distance running and cycling has taken a toll on my IT band - something I'm not very good at 'stretching' (if there is such a thing). I have a foam roller at the house but it's not something I use very often. It was just a side-comment from my chiropractor the other day ("geez your IT band is really tight") that prompted me to really grind out the lactic acid and tension on/around my IT band last night.

Guess what? An amazing thing happened this morning - I ran 13.1 miles pain-free (negative splits as well). Hind-sight being 20/20, it is obvious to me that if the IT band is tight, it is causing tension on the outer part of my lower leg - which in turn is causing a different angle at the knee. An angle that creates additional pressure and swelling on the inside of my leg under the knee-cap. Duh.

So note to self - use foam roller more. Stretch IT band real good. Prevent knee pain.

Check, check and check. I'm back and ready to rock this mutha.

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