Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Solid, tough week

This week has been one of the tougher weeks of training so far - it's that point in training where the desire to achieve this magnanimous goal trumps everything...doubt, fear and uncertainty. Each morning starts with a conscious decision to lace the shoes up or put on the helmet. As race day gets closer, it's that same thing that goes through my head on a long run or ride - "You've come so far, there's no way you can quit now"

The week started on Sunday with a long ride through the hills of Usery Mountain and Lake Saguaro. Beautiful day too - cloud cover, slight breeze and NO FLAT TIRES!!! Somehow I broke the curse and did not have a single flat over the 80 miles. Check out the ride here - note the elevation as well. A few steep grades and a loooong climb up the back of Usery Mountain.

Monday is a partial rest-from-the-long-ride-day but still requires time in the pool to stretch and put in some water mileage. Monday swim mileage was 3,000 yards (1.7 miles)

Tuesday is both casual run day as well as long-swim day. "Casual" is equivalent to a 9:30-10 minute pace for about half the mileage of long-run days (Thursdays). Today I knocked out 7 miles on the road and another 3,500 yards (~2 miles)  in the pool after the kids had gone to bed.

An unscheduled rest day tomorrow (Wednesday). I'm feeling stretched a little thin - lots of stuff going on at work and the many hours training are taking its toll. I still have some time off that I might take to recharge briefly before making the final push throughout October.

Still have a big run on tap this week (20 miles) as well. We'll start things over again on Sunday with the same 80 mile ride through the hills.

Thanks for reading - good night.

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  1. Keep up the good work man. It's a long journey and a long day once you get there. But the feeling you will experience the last 3 to 5 miles? Especially the last 1/4 mile, well...you just have to experience for yourself :) And you will!!! Stay safe, remember, plenty of rest as you continue the build. I like the fact you took an unplanned rest day. Good job, I enjoy reading your progress.