Friday, September 24, 2010

Know when to fold 'em

In my last post, I mentioned a strange 'tweak' in my knee that cropped up earlier this week. I'm happy to report that it's feeling better but I'm still a little weary of how much time to give it before it starts to feel 'normal' again. I haven't run since Tuesday and suspect that the best thing to do is to stay off it for another couple days. I would rather lose a week of training than blow out my knee completely.

Setbacks like this put me in a weird place mentally for some reason. If you could see my piece of paper that maps out my training you might chuckle, but it's the one thing that helps me stay accountable to "The Plan". When I miss a training session, it gets an "X" - seeing a few X's this week because of my knee has put me in a little funk.

I know in the back of mind, it's the right thing to do. Heal. Be well. Fight the fight another day. I liken it to playing hold 'em poker. There are hands when you know you're beat. You REALLY want to call. The disciplined lay-down is the right thing to do however.  Fold and play another day, right?

So even though my runs didn't work out this week, the silver lining is that my swim mileage dramatically increased. I figure, if I can't put the mileage in on the road I might as well get 'er done in the pool. Overall, I've put in a bit over 4.5 miles across 3 sessions -

Monday - 2.1 miles
Wednesday - 1.5 pyramid drills
Friday - 2.1 miles

I'm pretty happy with that.

Long ride on tap for this weekend. I still plan to keep it shorter than planned to ensure there is no additional issue with the knee. Talk to you next week.

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