Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I can. I will.

I think it's fair to say that every triathlete has one Achilles heel when it comes to the 3 disciplines - one thing that they're just not as strong at. Often, strong runners are the worst swimmers and strong swimmers hate the bike (or the run).

Personally, swimming has been the one thing I've had to work extra hard at just to get to a solid base. I can truthfully say that I enjoy swimming - it can be a great low-impact recovery tool or an easy way to drown out all the other noise/doubts you might have in your head.

Up until recently however, I have always had this stigma about swimming any distance over 1.2 miles - it's been one of those mental barriers I have not been able to break down. In part, I think it's because I've had no formal coaching or plan on how to incrementally improve my distance.

So about 3 weeks ago, I made a concerted effort to build up my swimming distance over the next 80-ish days before Ironman Arizona. Until last night, I wasn't sure that plan was paying off.

I knocked out 1.5 miles and broke through that barrier. The first mile felt strong and smooth but the last 1/4 mile was not pretty. It's still amazes me that swimming is one of those sports where brut strength only accounts for a small portion of your success. Technique rules the water and I can say for sure, the last 1/4 mile in the pool last night was all brut strength and not very pretty.

But I did it. Up until last night, swimming 2.4 miles seemed like there was a lot of work to towards a long unobtainable goal. Not any more. I can and I will.


P.S. 15-mile run on tap for tomorrow.
P.P.S. 100-mile bike ride on tap for Saturday.

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  1. Keep it going bro. Sounds like you are entering some of your bigger volume weeks. Go to bed earlier then you have been, drink more water, and rest, rest, rest when possible. You got this!