Monday, August 23, 2010

Does a Body Good

No, I'm not talking about milk (although I do seem to be drinking more of it these days for some reason).

I digress.

Have you ever slept so long for so many consecutive days that your body actually feels sore, useless and creaky? After taking last week off (yes, the entire week) with no training, I was dangerously close to falling into the precipice of laziness and content. But training must go on. It is hardly an option to quit now.

So I hauled my ass out of bed Sunday morning to take on a 50-mile bike ride. Not too hard, not too soft. Just right. Low and behold, my legs were strong. My mind was focused. And the roads were covered with all kinds of crap from the monsoon the night before (seriously, anything that isn't bolted down will get swept onto the road during Arizona monsoons).

Again, I digress.

What a great way to be welcomed back to the world of the living. A strong fantastic ride around Usery Mountain. Average of 19.7 mph.

This morning was no different. A little slow to actually get out of bed (thank goodness my watch has 3 alarms of I'd never get up) but once in the pool, the 1.2 mile swim seemed simply, easy maybe.

Overall, it's clear that recovery has a place in the training regimen. Of course, I don't plan to go a whole week next time but certainly a day or two in a row won't hurt anyone.

Sleep. Rest. Recovery. Siesta.

Bring it.

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