Sunday, August 1, 2010

Burn baby, burn

With only one 20 mile ride under my belt since returning to Arizona, I was slightly cautious about my long ride today. I knew the route I was doing would push me. Still slightly fatigued from my long run this week, a small part of me wanted to settle for a shorter ride. Knowing that Lake Steven's 70.3 is only 2 weeks away though, I put on the big-boy shorts and knocked it out.

I will not lie - my quads are on fire...still. But it's a good burn. One that comes from knowing that you left it all out on the road.

50 miles and change in 2 hours and 41 minutes (20.6 mph avg). Check out that elevation.


  1. wow! nice ride indeed!

    so what's the dealio with Tempe Town Lake? Is there gonna be any water in it when November rolls around...?