Thursday, August 5, 2010


I knew from the outset of this week that I would need to reach down into the depths of my very core to get through this week of condensed workouts. It's totally worth it though...

My wife and I are sneaking away to Sedona this weekend to celebrate our 13th anniversary. No running. No cycling. No swimming. Oh, sans children too. Bonus.

In preparation for the workout-free weekend, I've spent every afternoon this week in the pool logging at least 1.5 miles each day - both TT and slower endurance swims. Tuesday morning was my long run (13 and change) followed by a 30 mile ride this morning (@18.6 mph). I intend to put in a longer run tomorrow morning too.

My final brick workout will be next Monday prior to leaving for Seattle. I'll spend the week at the office and then bang out the Lake Steven's 70.3 Ironman on Sunday the 15th. I'm looking forward to racing with friends and reveling in our collective glory - Karen, Erik and Mikel...best of luck to you all.

P.S. How do you know you're a triathlete? A new Garmin Forerunner 305 makes you giddy. Yes, I'm giddy.

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