Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Heat Locker

I can honestly say that I have not missed training in the hot desert this summer. The weather was fantastic throughout my entire trip in North/South Dakota as well as Idaho. Morning temperatures in the mid-to-high 50's and afternoons in the mid-80's almost every day with one exceptionally nice 95 degree day back home in Minot (but let's be honest, 95 in North Dakota is cool compared to 95 in Phoenix).

The mild temperatures are definitely gone. Back to 110 during the day and lows around 85.

This morning's run (my first of the summer here in AZ) was a brutal assault on my sweat glands. Buckets I tell ya.  You would have thought to look at me that I had just jumped in the neighbors pool or something. Nope (though it did cross my mind). Just sweat. And only 16 oz. of water to combat the abnormally humid Arizona morning.

From the moment I started the run, it was obvious I was was dehydrated. My calves and Achilles were tight from the get-go and never let loose. I stopped a few times to try and stretch them out but being back home does come with the reality that it's just fricken' hot.

Remembering an article I read in Runner's World about how the heat impacts your run, I managed to muster through 3 miles before my water was completely drained, my calves were locked up and sweat was actually dripping from the back of my head onto my neck. Buckets, I tell ya.

So chalk one up for Mother Nature today - not a run I'm going to brag to my friends about but a great lesson on how important hydration is regardless of what activity you're doing.

Back to the pool this afternoon. Hopefully that is not a dismal as my run. I guess if anything, it will be nice and cool without the buckets of sweat.

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