Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Water Bottle Omen

I distinctly remember last night reaching into the cupboard last night and grabbing my Boise 70.3 water bottle - I said to myself, "Nah, I would hate to lose this one. There are too many good memories associated with this one. I'll grab another junky one." The significance of that will become more apparent in a minute...

I have a busy couple days this week just preparing to ship my bike off to South Dakota. I am picking up the bike case later today, packing it up and then shipping it off tomorrow. Before doing that however, I wanted to make sure I got in a fairly decent long ride. Lord knows when I will be able to log any distance on my bike in the near future.

I was on the road this morning at 4:26 am with every intent of logging a 40 mile ride while keeping a 19 mph average. I made a slight seat height adjustment last night as well so I was unsure how that was going to impact the ride. I started to feel some additional stress in my lower back around mile 12 and actually questioned whether or not I wanted to finish my anticipated 40 miles or cut it short.

As the fates would have it, shortly after having that thought I took a drink of that ominous water bottle. Whether ill-fated or intentional (?), I missed the re-entry back into the holder and it dropped onto the road. Cautiously swinging around to recapture the water bottle, I soon realized that my timing could not have been worse. The water bottle had found the one storm drain on that road.

Good bye junky water bottle. I won't really miss you...at all.

The bad news is that without a water bottle I did cut my ride short. A little over 30 miles. Happy to get a ride in before packing things up.

I'm looking forward to riding in SD next week - hills, hills and more hills.

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