Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You are what you eat

Last year about this same time, I had gotten into a mindset that my triathlon training permitted me to eat anything I wanted without remorse. I mean really - you could burn upwards of 3,000 calories a day during the week and anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 on the weekend. In some instances, knowing I could pig out on ice cream or brownies at the end of the day was my only reason for getting up at 4 am.

What a difference a year makes. Older and wiser, right?

As many of you will attest, our ability to shed pounds gets a bit harder year after year - even if you keep the same level of activity. This has certainly been the case for me this year. Which means that eating right and watching (the right) calories has been a renewed focus during my training.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not starving myself or participating in any ritualistic-cult-tofu-diets or anything. Yes, I am still motivated by beer but it's really just back to the basics...eating in moderation, eating more frequently throughout the day (to prevent over-eating) and eating (more filling) snacks in between meals.

I'm not a vain person. Losing weight (for me) is not about self-image (which isn't a bad side-effect!) but rather, an internal barometer for how I'm feeling. It goes without saying that when you feel good on the inside, it will translate to how you feel on the outside - you project confidence, happiness and self-worth.

Peak race season last year I clocked in at 160. At the bottom of my off-season, I had gained 10 pounds by  being sedentary and not focusing on beer-drinking rather than working out. Fortunately, that number is on it's way down these days. The obvious goal being to get back to my 'fighting weight' of 160 (not only is your stomach flatter, but you can run faster when you don't weigh as much!)

BTW, if you have an iPhone/iTouch - download a free app called "Lose It". It allows you to track both calories and activities. I question some of the caloric values but it has a huge database of both over-the-counter foods as well as brand name food or restaurant foods. There is no better way to be accountable to yourself than to keep a journal of what you eat. Try it - you'll be amazed how quickly the calories add up.

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  1. Trevor,
    Nice blog. Thanks for your comments re: Boise. You are going to love IMAZ! Keep up the good work! Drop me a line if you want to talk IMAZ strategy or have any questions about that race. Take care and train smart,